Maxim Makarychev (On-The-Go)

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got 81 out of 100 points in my English exam (B2). well, at least i’ve passed it.

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the world needs to know that.

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Title: Looking Too Closely
Artist: Fink
Played: 1641 times

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truth is like blood underneath your fingernails
and you don’t wanna hurt yourself looking too closely

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askyfullofstarsatmidnight said:

thx:) i’ll see… did

«oTom play nu songs?

yeah, he did, here’s the setlist:

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YESSS! he is such a qt and his shows are so powerful&passionate,hope i can see him at sziget this year,but not much chance coz money:S glad u had a gr8 time:)

aw thank you Mira x
hope everything goes well with Sziget x

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happy birthday, Paulie. love you forever

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spontaneously went to see Tom Odell live yesterday, wasn’t expecting such passion and energy. and cuteness overdose :’)

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