the reason why i don’t like talking to people is that i don’t want to freak anybody out, cause i’m 90% love for a certain band and 10% crap.

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New video for «Dimensions» is out now

Love these russian guys. 

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"Dimensions" music video was released today.
For me it was a first experience as a director of photography and stylist in video production. Here are some backstage photos and my comments about the process: 

We started from some typical cinematic cliches of sexual relations, and showed them from “light” and “dark” sides. 


The final frame, inspired by Bat for Lashes album cover, in this case acts as a destroyer of the stereotype about male and female roles in a relationship. I would say that the video altogether is dedicated to the topic of ambiguity of these roles and their perception. 

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what do we have here.. oh look these are the names of the songs for the EDITORS 5th ALBUM !!!!!!!!


all the kings are coming
at all cost
dream dark as your heaven
it comes from the quiet
the law
life is a fear of falling through all the cracks
marching orders
no harm
ocean of night
of my world
the wind on the water

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Urban: Budapest, Hungary 2010 by Peter Zeglis

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@arina_skyward: part 3 - nature

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@arina_skyward: part 2 - gigs

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@arina_skyward: part 1 - cities

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Slang and/or curse words heard in Arctic Monkeys albums.

Shows maturity throughout the albums.

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